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Genetic link between carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger

Genetic link between trigger finger and carpal tunnel syndrome discovered 

Trigger finger and carpal tunnel syndrome are the two most common hand conditions, with the prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome in the UK estimated at between 7 and 16% and trigger finger thought to affect two in every 100 British adults. The…
rotator cuff tear

FAQ: Can a rotator cuff tear heal without surgery?

The shoulder allows for an extensive range of motion, far greater than other joints, which makes it – and the supporting tendons and ligaments – particularly susceptible to injury. Within the shoulder joint, the rotator cuff helps you lift…
reverse shoulder replacement paper

Mr George-Malal publishes paper on reverse shoulder replacement

Mr Joby George-Malal and his colleagues at Bedfordshire Hospital NHS FoundationTrust published a paper on reverse shoulder replacement performed as a day case in JSES International, a companion title to the respected Journal of Shoulder and…